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Myrdena “Dena” Ford-Francis, MBA
Founder, Managing Member Technology On Demand LLC

Thank you for choosing Technology On Demand LLC to help meet your technology needs.

Over the years we have partnered with businesses and organizations of all types and sizes, providing technology solutions and services, as well as enterprise-grade products and services from top brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Comcast, Cisco, SonicWall, and Rapid Scale to help you achieve your goals. We are proud of our award-winning products and services at Technology On Demand LLC, but our 8+ years climb to success has been based on more than just hardware. Through an unwavering focus on our customers, we tailor complete solutions to help you maximize your productivity and capitalize on your technology investments.

Our knowledgeable IT Consultants and Project Managers understand your technology needs and stand ready to assist you with your business. As a Technology On Demand LLC customer, you’ll enjoy a quality experience that includes:

·         A one-to-one relationship with a professional IT Consultant and Project Manager

·         Personalized IT solutions best-suited for your needs

·         Immediate access to hundreds of computing products

·         Competitive fees and price options

·         Best in class consulting, training, project management, upgrade, and repair services

As we continue to develop our relationship with you, we invite you to explore the full range of our growing technology solutions. Thank you again for placing your trust in Technology On Demand LLC and as always, please let us know how we can continue to best serve your needs.

Warm regards,


Myrdena “Dena” Ford-Francis, MBA
Founder, Owner

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